Definitions of "protest"
  1. A formal statement, often expressing disagreement or disapproval
  2. A formal written statement by authorized officials like notaries public or U.S. consuls expressing the dishonor of a financial instrument and declaring the liability of all parties involved for any loss or damage
  3. A formal statement made by the ship's captain to an authorized official upon arriving at a port after a misfortune, stating the loss and declaring that the crew is not at fault, but the misfortune caused it
  4. A formal statement made by an individual or entity, especially when complying with a disputed tax or act, asserting their contention about the fairness or legality of the tax or act and their unwillingness to comply
  5. The act of expressing disapproval or raising objections
How to use "protest" in a sentence
  1. When the tax increase was proposed, he filed a protest, asserting the measure was unjust.
  2. Upon reaching the port after the storm, the captain lodged a protest stating that the damage to the goods was due to the weather, not crew negligence.
  3. The notary public issued a protest announcing the dishonor of the promissory note and making clear the liability of all parties involved.

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