Definitions of "public"
  1. In a place where anyone can see or access
  2. Recognized or known by a majority of people
  3. Applies to all individuals or the entire area of a country or state
  4. Affiliated with or conducted by a government acting as a political entity
  5. Involves providing service to the community or nation
  6. Includes records held or used by a government agency
  7. Relates to people as a whole, not a specific group
  8. Pertaining to commercial or community matters rather than personal matters
  9. Focused on the welfare of the nation as a whole
  10. Accessible or usable by every member of a community
  11. Relating to stocks that can be freely bought or sold on the market
  12. A location that can be accessed or seen by anyone
  13. Refers to all people collectively
How to use "public" in a sentence
  1. The meeting will be held in a public space, where anyone can attend.
  2. The company's stocks are public, allowing anyone to buy or sell them on the market.
  3. The mayor is considered a public servant, as they serve the community by fulfilling their role.

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