Definitions of "publish"
  1. The act of making something known to another person or to the public in general
  2. The official announcement or proclamation of something
  3. The act of declaring a will to be a true and legitimate expression of one's final wishes
  4. The act of reproducing an opinion in a source of legal authority known as a reporter
  5. The act of spreading information to the public or notifying the public or an individual through a mass medium
  6. The act of distributing copies of a copyrightable work to the public by means of ownership transfer, rental, lease, or loan
How to use "publish" in a sentence
  1. The city decided to publish the new traffic regulations on their website to inform the public.
  2. The author signed contracts with the publisher to publish his novel, which includes the transfer of ownership.
  3. Upon the man's death, his attorney took steps to publish his will, verifying it as his true, final wishes.

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