Definitions of "pyramid"
  1. A structure of holding companies where each company on top has control over the ones below it, allowing the company at the summit to have sway over all the others with a minor investment
  2. A series of operations enacted when engaging in pyramid trading on an exchange
  3. A deceptive economic strategy where new participants’ payments are used to benefit those who are already part of the scheme
  4. A speculative practice in which theoretical profits are used as the basis for additional trading activities in securities or commodities
  5. A speculative activity in which profits are employed to escalate the scale of one's investment
  6. The practice of enhancing the burden of a tax levied at the production level on the final consumer by considering it as a cost and adding it to the selling price
  7. A term describing an unlawful plan wherein people contribute money or assets in hopes of gaining profits from recruiting new participants into the plan
How to use "pyramid" in a sentence
  1. She was accused of running a pyramid scheme that defrauded countless individuals.
  2. The investor used his paper profits to pyramid his positions in the stock market, causing concern among the regulators.
  3. A unique feature of their business model is their use of pyramid structure of holding companies, allowing them to control a vast number of subsidiary firms with a relatively small investment.

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