Queen's Bench

Definitions of "Queen's Bench"
  1. It is a section of the High Court of Justice in England and Wales responsible for reviewing civil matters, typically those related to commercial disputes, and hearing appeals in criminal cases
  2. The supreme court in Great Britain which exists during a queen's rule
How to use "Queen's Bench" in a sentence
  1. A corporation filed its case in the Queen's Bench to ensure a judicious review of their complicated commercial matter.
  2. The appeal of the criminal case was taken to the Queen's Bench for a meticulous examination and verdict.
  3. Due to the complex nature of the civil dispute, it was moved to the Queen's Bench for further proceedings.
  4. Decisions made by the Queen's Bench has the authority of being the final say in legal matters.
  5. During Queen Elizabeth's reign, the Queen's Bench was the highest court.
  6. In her dispute, she sought to have her case heard by the Queen's Bench for a final decision.

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