Definitions of "record"
  1. The act of creating a document or file as an official or permanent form of evidence
  2. The process of officially registering a document or claim with the applicable office or authority to serve as proof of a property title or interest
  3. The act of capturing sound, images, or other data in a form that can be played back or reproduced
  4. The creation of a reproducible document, file or data
  5. A written account that documents a particular event or circumstance
  6. An official document kept by an authority or public body that chronicles its actions
  7. An authenticated copy of a document filed with an entrusted officer for safekeeping
  8. The complete set of documents and papers used or generated during a legal proceeding
  9. A preserved history or evidence of one's past arrests or convictions
  10. A medium such as a disc or tape where sound, images, or data have been stored for playback or reproduction
How to use "record" in a sentence
  1. The court clerk was responsible for maintaining the record of the court proceedings.
  2. After his arrest, his criminal record was updated to include the new charges.
  3. The title deed was recorded with the county office to establish her ownership of the house.

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