Definitions of "recoupment"
  1. The action of regaining or making up for a loss
  2. The retention of part or all of an amount by a defendant to ensure justice
  3. A decrease in the payout to a plaintiff due to an associated claim from the defendant based on the same event or transaction
  4. The defendant's ability to have the plaintiff's claim reduced or nullified due to the plaintiff's breach of agreement or duty during the same event or transaction
  5. A retaliatory claim that results from the same event or transaction as the initial lawsuit
How to use "recoupment" in a sentence
  1. Since the renter had damaged the property, the landlord exercised recoupment by keeping part of the security deposit.
  2. The factory used recoupment to diminish the damages they had to pay because of a counter-claim they made regarding the same incident.
  3. Due to their own violation during the same transaction, the plaintiff found their claim was reduced by the defendant's recoupment right.

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