Definitions of "redeem"
  1. The process of buying back an item, not publicly but through a specific legal right
  2. The release of a pledge or lien through the full repayment of the amount secured by it
  3. The act of fulfilling a mortgage debt through full payment after a default, but before the foreclosure becomes effective, thereby restoring the ownership status of the real property
  4. The act of buying back a property within a legal time frame in order to cancel the effect of a foreclosure or sale
  5. The act of settling a payment obligation when it becomes due
  6. The act of presenting something, like a voucher or certificate, for the purpose of having it exchanged
  7. The act of trading something for a different item of value
  8. The act of reclaiming ownership over something, such as real estate
How to use "redeem" in a sentence
  1. The company decided to redeem its bonds earlier than expected.
  2. After paying off his mortgage, John was able to redeem his property before the bank foreclosed it.
  3. Lisa was able to redeem her coupon for a free coffee at the local café.

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