rejection of claim

Definition of "rejection of claim"
  1. A denial of a debt that a deceased individual allegedly owes, which is made in part or in full by the person managing the deceased's estate. If the creditor objects to this denial, a judge will decide on its validity. Unanswered claims might be thought of as approved in some states. Persons or agencies can also deny other kinds of claims, which can be disputed in a lawsuit once all internal avenues for remedy have been deployed
How to use "rejection of claim" in a sentence
  1. The executor issued a formal rejection of claim, stating that the deceased did not owe any money to the creditor.
  2. The creditor decided to protest the rejection of claim, initiating a review by a judge.
  3. Following rejection of claim, the agency suggested appealing the decision through administrative remedies before resorting to a lawsuit.

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