Definitions of "relator"
  1. A person or entity who isn't the plaintiff, but their knowledge or information about a situation is used to initiate legal action. The authority to start this legal process is formally given to someone else
  2. A private individual who starts a lawsuit under qui tam provisions, which allow this person to sue on behalf of the government
  3. A party who has the right to request a legal intervention, like a writ of mandamus. The state, acting as the plaintiff, petitions for this intervention on their behalf
How to use "relator" in a sentence
  1. The relator provided the information that led to the fraud lawsuit, even though they were not the direct victim of the fraud.
  2. A relator can initiate a lawsuit under the False Claims Act, thereby helping to expose fraudulent activities against the government.
  3. In certain situations, the state can file a writ of mandamus at the request of a relator.

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