Definitions of "release"
  1. The act of removing or lifting an obligation, liability, or responsibility
  2. Surrendering a claim, title, or right for the benefit of someone else
  3. The action of setting someone or something free from being confined
  4. The process of being discharged from an obligation or responsibility, removing the possibility of legal action
  5. The process of giving up or renouncing a right or claim, thereby preventing any legal action
  6. An action or formal document that brings about a release
  7. The process of freeing, particularly from custody or confinement
How to use "release" in a sentence
  1. The company decided to release the employee from his contract early.
  2. After reaching a settlement, she elected to release the title to the property.
  3. Once the judgement was made, the court order was directed at the prison to release the accused.

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