Definitions of "remand"
  1. The act of transferring a case from one court back to a lower court or an administrative agency
  2. A court order that puts an accused individual back into custody while waiting for a trial, or continues the detention of a prisoner
  3. Process of sending a case back to a lower court or other judicial body for further action
  4. The actual procedure of transferring a case back to the original jurisdiction or the circumstance of a case or person being transferred
  5. The formal court order instructing that a case or individual be transferred back to a different or original jurisdiction
How to use "remand" in a sentence
  1. The judge decided to remand the case to the lower court for reconsideration on some points.
  2. In light of new evidence, the accused was remanded back into custody pending the reopening of their trial.
  3. After the discovery of an administrative error, an order was issued to remand the prisoner back to detention.

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