Definitions of "remit"
  1. The act of freeing someone from guilt or a penalty
  2. Choosing not to impose a requirement or duty
  3. The act of canceling or not imposing something, such as a punishment or penalty
  4. The process of referring a matter to another entity for consideration, decision, or action
  5. Returning something or someone to their previous state or condition
  6. The transfer of money to someone or somewhere, usually in response to a request or obligation
  7. The process of sending money as part of a transaction
How to use "remit" in a sentence
  1. The judge decided to remit the remaining community service hours due to the defendant’s good behavior.
  2. The bank was expected to remit the funds to the correct account after the error was discovered.
  3. After careful review, the board chose to remit the issue to a subcommittee for further consideration.

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