Definitions of "remittitur"
  1. A legal process enabling a court to lower an overly large verdict
  2. The voluntary surrender by a plaintiff of a part of a verdict, deemed excessive by a court, to a defendant
  3. A formal declaration by the plaintiff relinquishing the right to an excess portion of a verdict
  4. The return of a case and its record from a higher court to a lower court for further action or for the entry of a judgment according to the instructions or decision of the upper court
How to use "remittitur" in a sentence
  1. The court decided to issue a remittitur after determining the damages awarded were disproportionately high.
  2. After the court ruled the verdict excessive, the plaintiff offered a remittitur to the defendant.
  3. The case was sent back through remittitur from the appellate court to the trial court for further proceedings.

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