Definitions of "remote"
  1. Situated afar in space, time, or relevance to a main issue or person
  2. Surpassing the allowable time period stated in the rule against perpetuities for interests to vest
  3. Influencing, being influenced, or managed indirectly or from a substantial distance
  4. Not directly involved or in close proximity to the primary action or event
  5. Not resulting from the immediate cause or factor
  6. Slightly related or of a minor degree in relevance or impact
How to use "remote" in a sentence
  1. The possibility of a hurricane hitting the city was remote, so the insurance company did not increase the premium.
  2. The trust's conditions were remote, making it void due to the rule against perpetuities.
  3. The committee managed the project on a remote basis, reviewing progress and providing feedback online.

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