Definitions of "render"
  1. The act of transmitting or passing something to another person
  2. Providing something for someone else to review, assess, or be informed about
  3. The process of reaching consensus on, and reporting, a verdict in a legal process
  4. The act of giving something as an acknowledgment of dependence or the fulfillment of an obligation
  5. The act of overseeing or managing the implementation of something
How to use "render" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer had to render the documents to the other party before the trial could proceed.
  2. Before making a decision, the committee requested that the designer render her plans for their consideration.
  3. The jury needed to render a verdict after the conclusion of the evidence.
  4. The debtor had to render payment to fulfill his financial obligation.
  5. The director rendered the execution of the project to ensure its completion.

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