Definitions of "rent"
  1. A return given by a tenant or user of real property to its owner for the privilege of use and possession
  2. A legal agreement where one party allows another to have and use a piece of land or immovable property forever, in return for an annual payment or quantity of crops
  3. The sum of money paid by an individual renting personal property, to its owner, for its use
  4. An established fee paid to the owner of a mineral lease
  5. The part of an economy's income, such as a nation's, credited to land as a production component besides capital and labor
  6. The act of granting the right to use and possess a property in return for a specified rent
  7. The process of taking hold of a property under an agreement to pay rent
  8. The state in which a property is available for use in return for payment
  9. The process of getting use and possession of a place or property by paying rent
  10. The act of granting the right of using and possessing a property in return for rent payment
How to use "rent" in a sentence
  1. The rent for the apartment was due on the first of every month.
  2. The land was rent under a long-term agreement that required annual payments.
  3. The business decided to rent a new office space downtown to accommodate its growing workforce.

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