Definitions of "rental"
  1. A sum of money exchanged for the use of property, typically on a periodic basis
  2. An item or property which one can use in exchange for a certain fee
  3. The process of temporarily giving possession and use of a property to another individual for a fee
  4. An establishment involved in the business of providing items or properties in exchange for regular payments
  5. Describes the process or concept of using an item or property for a period of time in exchange for money
  6. Describes an item or property that is being offered for use temporarily at a certain cost
  7. Involves managing or burgeoning property that is let on rent
How to use "rental" in a sentence
  1. The rental process of their vacation house was streamlined and efficient.
  2. She works in a rental agency that specializes in luxury vehicles.
  3. The rental fee for the cabin by the lake has increased significantly due to its popularity.

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