Definitions of "report"
  1. A comprehensive account or statement that is usually detailed in nature
  2. A description of the series of events and final judgment involved in a court or quasi-judicial tribunal case
  3. A written request submitted by a lower court to an appellate court for legal review before a final decision is made
  4. A formal, sometimes official, declaration that outlines the thoughts and recommendations of a person or group assigned to contemplate on an issue or proposal
  5. A structured account given by a person or group who are authorized to conduct an investigation detailing the findings of that investigation
  6. An examination of the performance and future plans presented periodically by a manager or a group of managers to those they are responsible to
  7. The act of producing a written document or summary
  8. The action of creating a recorded account using shorthand
  9. The process of providing an official or formal account or statement
  10. The action of presenting a matter, officially consulted on, with suggestions or recommendations
  11. The act of conveying the outcome of a specific search, examination, or investigation
  12. The process of notifying the appropriate authorities of specific information
  13. The act of filing a misconduct complaint
  14. The action of presenting oneself in a certain context
  15. The act of making, issuing, submitting or presenting a detailed account or description of a given matter
How to use "report" in a sentence
  1. The jury needed more time to produce an accurate report of the case's evidence.
  2. The school administration must report any instances of bullying to local law enforcement.
  3. After initial review, the judge required a report from the investigative committee about the recent allegations.

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