Definitions of "represent"
  1. The act of stepping in on behalf of someone else to perform a specific role or duty, typically as permitted by law
  2. The action of serving as an elected official in a legislative authority and voicing the concerns of the electorate
  3. The act of an attorney providing legal services to a client
  4. The action of standing in for a group of people in a legal dispute such as a class action lawsuit
  5. Describing something or someone as possessing certain attributes or traits
  6. Expressing personal interpretation and opinion on a matter with the intention to influence the decisions or actions of others
How to use "represent" in a sentence
  1. In court, the attorney was there to represent his client who was unable to attend.
  2. In the legislative assembly, the elected member will represent the interests of his constituents.
  3. In the lawsuit, the attorney was appointed to represent the large group of people affected by the faulty product.

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