Definitions of "representation"
  1. The act of standing on behalf of or symbolizing someone or something else
  2. Making a statement or providing an account with the intention of influencing views or actions
  3. A factual statement that forms a basis for entering into a contract
  4. The action of presenting or portraying someone or something
  5. The scenario where one individual assumes the rights and responsibilities of another person they represent
  6. The event where a child or set of children inherits the portion of an estate that would have been allocated to a deceased parent
  7. The act of speaking on behalf of others, particularly in a legislative assembly
  8. The exercise of providing legal counsel to a client and appearing in court to advocate on their behalf by a lawyer
  9. A group of individuals who serve as spokespersons for a certain constituency
How to use "representation" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer's representation of her client in court resulted in a favorable outcome.
  2. The political candidate's representation of his constituents' concerns was clear in his passionate speech.
  3. In the absence of the deceased parent, the child's representation in the estate inheritance was enacted.

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