Definitions of "representative"
  1. A person or entity appointed to act on behalf of another or others
  2. A person who acts on behalf of another with their given authority and power
  3. In the context of a democratic government, a person who is elected by people to make decisions on their behalf
  4. Pertaining to the activities and responsibilities of one who represents others
  5. A person chosen to act and speak on behalf of others within a specific scope or role
  6. A member of a legislative or other governing body selected by constituents to act on their behalf
  7. A person or entity authorized to act on behalf of another as an agent, proxy, or delegate, with the authority vested by the principal
  8. In the context of estates or trusts, a person who is appointed to act in place of a deceased person
  9. An individual who legally succeeds another and assumes their rights, obligations, or property
  10. In class action lawsuits, an individual designated as the plaintiff or defendant who litigates on behalf of the entire class affected
How to use "representative" in a sentence
  1. The court appointed a representative to manage the affairs of the minor.
  2. The shareholders elected a representative to speak on their behalf at the annual general meeting.
  3. In a class-action lawsuit, a representative is selected to represent the interest of all the plaintiffs involved.

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