Definitions of "reprieve"
  1. A postponed disciplinary action applied to an individual who has been pronounced guilty, most commonly a prisoner slated for punishment
  2. The application of mercy through the delay of an impending punishment, or the status of an individual who has been granted such leniency
  3. A deliberate, temporary hold placed on the execution of a judicial sentence, predominantly one of capital punishment, serving as an act of mercy
  4. A legal directive or official document that delays the execution of punishment
How to use "reprieve" in a sentence
  1. The governor granted a reprieve to the prisoner, postponing the execution by thirty days.
  2. Due to new evidence, the judge issued a temporary reprieve, placing a hold on the defendant's punishment.
  3. Under the president's power of pardon and reprieve, the sentence of the inmate was suspended for the time being.

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