res judicata

Definitions of "res judicata"
  1. Refers to a topic or decision that has been legally finalized
  2. Describes a dispute whose resolution, marked by a conclusive judgment, is binding and ends any further argument about the rights, questions, and facts involved
  3. Defines a court's judgment or other legal decision considered irreversible, hence preventing rerunning of the same case
  4. A legal principle that restricts the revisiting or re-contesting of issues already decided upon in adjudication
  5. A comprehensive rule in civil law that prevents a party from trying to reintroduce a matter already settled, which can include situations under concepts of merger, bar, collateral estoppel, and direct estoppel
  6. Specific legal rule denying the opportunity for rearguing claims and issues springing from an identical cause of action between the same parties after a conclusive judgment or binding decision
  7. An assertion of the concept 'res judicata' to block a case from being contended again
How to use "res judicata" in a sentence
  1. The defendant invoked res judicata, arguing the matter had already been determined by a court so the same claim could not be brought again.
  2. Because the plaintiff's claim had previously been resolved in court, the judge applied the principle of res judicata to prevent a re-litigation of the same issue.
  3. Res judicata was used to prevent the recurred dispute as the court had already issued a final judgment on the matter.

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