Definitions of "rescind"
  1. The act of taking back or invalidating something that was previously established or agreed upon
  2. The act of canceling a contract or deal due to reasons such as fraud, force, error, illegal activities, or any sufficient justification, with the parties involved returning to their pre-contractual state
  3. The termination or invalidation of something by an authority equal to or higher than the one which originally established it
  4. The act of canceling or voiding something, often a contract or agreement
How to use "rescind" in a sentence
  1. Due to the fraud identified, the company had to rescind the contract.
  2. The university had the power to rescind the admission offer if they found out about the applicant's misrepresented information.
  3. If a misrepresentation is found in the deal, the buyer has the right to rescind the transaction.

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