Definitions of "reservation"
  1. The act of setting something aside for a future use or purpose
  2. The process by which a property owner creates a new shared right or interest, such as a right of way, in the property that they have given to someone else
  3. An area of publicly-owned land that is specifically set aside for activities like wilderness preservation or recreational use
  4. A specific area of land that is set aside for use by a Native American tribe
How to use "reservation" in a sentence
  1. The county made a reservation of land to preserve the natural habitat of local wildlife.
  2. The property owner's contract included a reservation that allowed them to maintain a right of way across the land they sold to their neighbor.
  3. The federal government has established many national park reservations to protect natural resources.
  4. The reservation was established to honor the native tribe's historical connection to the land.

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