Definitions of "reserve"
  1. The act of holding back or setting something apart for a specific purpose or later use
  2. The intentional retention of a right, power, or interest, often through a clear statement
  3. The act of delaying a decision on a legal question
  4. An item, resource, or amount stored and ready for a future need
  5. The act of keeping something in reserve
  6. Funds kept separate in order to fulfill future financial obligations
How to use "reserve" in a sentence
  1. The company decided to reserve a percentage of their profits for a future investment.
  2. The defendant chose to reserve his right to remain silent during the interrogation.
  3. The judge chose to reserve the legal question until clear evidence could be presented.
  4. The family had a reserve of canned food stocked for emergencies.
  5. The council made a reserve for future infrastructure projects.
  6. The business kept a small reserve of money to cover any unexpected costs.

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