Definitions of "respondent"
  1. A person or party who is called upon to answer or defend themselves in various legal actions or processes
  2. A participant who delivers an answer in a court process intended to come to an equitable resolution
  3. The individual or entity against whom a request is lodged, such as a petition for a judicial order commanding one to act or refrain from acting
  4. A person or group who must provide an answer or defense during a proceeding in a court designated to handle issues related to juveniles or families
  5. A party who successfully won a court case and is now defending the achieved verdict during an appeal process
How to use "respondent" in a sentence
  1. The respondent was called to court to defend their actions in the case.
  2. In the divorce proceedings, the respondent gave their side of the story.
  3. The respondent is required to provide a defense in the juvenile court.

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