Definitions of "restitution"
  1. The act of returning something, like property or money, to its rightful owner
  2. The process of compensating a person for damage or harm done to them
  3. The fair and just return of benefits or items that were acquired through unjust enrichment
  4. A solution to a broken contract that involves bringing the affected party back to the position they were in before the contract was established
  5. The specified amount assigned for the process of restitution
How to use "restitution" in a sentence
  1. The court ordered the thief to make restitution by returning the stolen goods to their owner.
  2. As part of the settlement, it was decided that restitution would be made for the harm caused by the accident.
  3. The wronged party sought restitution after the breach of contract and wished to return to the state they were in before the agreement.

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