Definitions of "return"
  1. This is the act of providing an official account or report to a superior authority. This can come in forms such as a list or statement
  2. This refers to bringing back documents like a writ, verdict, or indictment to an office or legal tribunal
  3. In a financial context, it is the act of bringing in or generating earnings or profit
  4. In legal proceedings, it's the delivery of a court order to the appropriate officer or court
  5. It may also mean an official report or account of an action performed or duty discharged, or information and statistics
  6. In an electoral context, it's a report summarizing the results of a vote
  7. It could also signify an official declaration affirming the election of a political candidate
  8. This term is also used to describe a legally required document that reveals taxable income, deductions and exemptions, and how the tax due was calculated
  9. In business, it is the income gained from labor, investment, or business activities
  10. It may also mean something that is brought back or given back
How to use "return" in a sentence
  1. The employee was tasked to return the financial records to his superior.
  2. The officer was required to return the writ to the court after serving it.
  3. The investment was expected to return a significant profit in the next financial quarter.

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