Definitions of "reversion"
  1. The process where property returns to its original owner or their inheritor when a specific condition or time period ends
  2. The existing right to the remaining portion of the property that is maintained by the owner after they have leased a part of it. This right will automatically come into effect and become possessable when the lease expires
  3. The future interest in a property that remains with the original owner or their inheritor, which is not dependent on the occurrence of a specific condition
How to use "reversion" in a sentence
  1. Upon the termination of the lease, the reversion of the property will take place and it will be returned to the original owner.
  2. Even after leasing a portion of her estate for a lifetime, she held a reversion interest, which automatically came into effect once the lease ended.
  3. After selling his apartment, he retained a reversion interest in the property, not dependent on any specific condition.

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