Definitions of "revoke"
  1. It refers to the cancellation or reversal of an action or status by withdrawing it
  2. It is the process of making a will ineffective by creating a new one or through a deliberate act of destruction, such as tearing the will into two
  3. This action pertains to ending a trust arrangement
  4. It involves the withdrawal of an offer before it is accepted by the other party
  5. This act refers to the refusal to retain goods due to their not meeting the expected conditions, therefore withdrawing acceptance of those goods
  6. It is an act of retracting a granted privilege like a license or parole, usually due to misconduct
How to use "revoke" in a sentence
  1. The company was forced to revoke the proposal when they realized it was not feasible.
  2. The court has the power to revoke a trust if it's proven to be formed on fraudulent grounds.
  3. Misconduct can lead a court to revoke a defendant's parole.

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