Definitions of "right"
  1. A quality or behavior that aligns with moral propriety or earns moral approval
  2. An action or thing that is regarded as morally correct or fair
  3. Something that a person is justly entitled to claim as their own
  4. A power, privilege, or condition of existence that a person can naturally enjoy or possess
  5. A legal safeguard that ensures a person can enjoy certain powers, privileges, immunities, or capacities
  6. A legal entitlement that requires the performance or non-performance of a specific act from another
  7. A claim or title that an individual has over a property
  8. The legal claim a person has, as per copyright law, on incorporeal things, particularly intellectual property
  9. The opportunity granted to stockholders to purchase shares of a new issue generally at below-market rates, proportional to their existing holdings
How to use "right" in a sentence
  1. Despite their disagreement, they respected each other's right to voice their opinion.
  2. Under the city's ordinances, every resident has a right to clean water and sanitation facilities.
  3. As a shareholder of the company, she was excited to exert her right to buy new shares at a discounted price.

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