Definitions of "right-of-way"
  1. An established privilege for passing over another person's property
  2. The designated area where the privilege of passage is granted
  3. The narrow piece of land used for the construction of public roads
  4. The property occupied primarily by a railway line
  5. The area utilized by a public service provider, such as an electricity provider, for laying down transmission lines
  6. An officially recognized priority given to one vehicle over another due to established customs, adjudications, or laws
  7. The officially granted privilege allowing movement of traffic to proceed before others
How to use "right-of-way" in a sentence
  1. The city's reconstruction project was delayed because they had to negotiate right-of-way with numerous homeowners.
  2. The transport department proposed a new right-of-way to reduce traffic on the main road.
  3. Under the right-of-way laws, the ambulance was given the preference to pass first in heavy traffic.

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