Definitions of "rule"
  1. A guide or instruction set up to regulate behavior or actions
  2. A guiding principle put in place to regulate decisions or actions
  3. An order or directive issued by court proceedings, usually attached to a petition requesting an officer or participating party to perform a task or explain why such task should not be done
  4. A regulation implemented by a judicial body that holds the strength of law and organizes the practices or procedure within a judicial setting
  5. A statement from an administrative agency that is designed to interpret or implement laws or describe the agency's procedures with future relevance
  6. A regulation or rule providing guidance on procedures or conduct within an institutional setting, such as in an organization or during proceedings
  7. A decision made by a legislative rules committee determining the approach for reviewing a specific legislative proposition
  8. The act of exerting control or authority
  9. The act of governing or exercising authority over something or someone
  10. To make a decision and declare it authoritatively
  11. The act of exercising the highest authority
  12. To issue an authoritative decision or interpretation
How to use "rule" in a sentence
  1. The election commission issued a rule to conduct smooth polling in the region.
  2. The organization maintained a strict rule for managing client contracts.
  3. He was promoted to a position where he would rule over the entire department.

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