Rural Electrification Act

Definition of "Rural Electrification Act"
  1. A federal law that initiated a program managed by the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) with the goal of enhancing the standard of living in rural regions and decelerating the extensive movement of rural Americans to urban hubs. The act led to the electrification of over 98 percent of U.S. farms. It facilitated low-interest loans provided by the REA to farmers' cooperatives for the building and functioning of power facilities and power lines in sparsely populated areas. This provision of electricity to rural areas introduced urban amenities such as electric light and radio, and enabled the mechanization of various farm tasks
How to use "Rural Electrification Act" in a sentence
  1. Due to the Rural Electrification Act, farms all across the country were able to automate their tasks through electric power.
  2. The Rural Electrification Act played a pivotal role in preventing the rural population from migrating to urban areas by enhancing their living conditions.
  3. The Rural Electrification Act transformed rural lifestyle by introducing urban conveniences such as electric lighting and radio.

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