Definitions of "sale"
  1. The process of turning over ownership of an item or property from one individual to another in exchange for a certain price
  2. An agreement involving the sale or transfer of a financial instrument, such as a security, for a specific value
  3. The process where a regulated substance, usually illegal, is given to another individual in return for payment or some form of benefit
  4. The process of offering goods at a price lower than the usual market value
  5. The range of actions and transactions required to promote and sell goods or services
  6. The total amount of money received from business transactions
  7. A way of calculating income where revenue and expenses are recorded when they are earned or incurred, not when the payment is received or made
How to use "sale" in a sentence
  1. The store offered a one-day sale, promoting a variety of items at discounted prices.
  2. The income earned from the sale of the building will be recorded in this fiscal year's financial reports.
  3. Unlawful sale of controlled substances can lead to severe legal penalties.

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