Definitions of "salvage"
  1. The money paid for rescuing a ship or its goods from sea risks or for retrieving it after an actual disaster, such as a shipwreck
  2. The process of rescuing a ship or its goods
  3. The process of rescuing property that is in danger, for instance, from a fire
  4. Any property that has been rescued from ruin, including from a disaster or fire
  5. Refers to damaged property that has been bought by an insurance company after they have compensated for the loss
How to use "salvage" in a sentence
  1. After the fire was extinguished, the firefighters were able to salvage some precious artworks.
  2. The insurance company took ownership of the damaged car as salvage after compensating the owner.
  3. The crew worked tirelessly to salvage the sinking ship and its cargo.

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