Definitions of "sanction"
  1. A penalty or forceful action taken as a result of not adhering to a law, rule, or command
  2. The act of giving formal or authorized approval or agreement
  3. A measure, such as economic or military force, taken by multiple nations working together to compel a country breaking international law to stop its unlawful activities or submit to legal judgment
  4. The act of giving formal authorization or acceptance to a specific action or decision
  5. The act of imposing a penalty or restrictive measure
How to use "sanction" in a sentence
  1. The international community decided to sanction the country for its continuous breach of human rights.
  2. The council has the power to sanction the construction of the new apartment building.
  3. Due to the company's non-compliance with environmental regulations, the government decided to sanction them, imposing heavy fines and suspending their operation license.

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