saving to suitors clause

Definition of "saving to suitors clause"
  1. A provision present in federal legislation, specifically in Title 28 Section 1333(1) of the U.S. Code, that permits a party to seek a resolution for a maritime-related claim in a state court if they are entitled to such a resolution. This clause provides a party with the right to pursue a maritime claim in an ordinary civil lawsuit, seeking a remedy based on common law and maintaining the right to a trial by jury
How to use "saving to suitors clause" in a sentence
  1. The saving to suitors clause allowed the fishermen to file their claim in the state court as opposed to a maritime court.
  2. Though the case involved maritime affairs, thanks to the saving to suitors clause, the plaintiff was able to pursue it in a regular civil court.
  3. Their claim was made under common law, and the saving to suitors clause permitted this case to be taken to a state court.

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