Definitions of "search"
  1. A process of detailed examination or investigation by an authority, often with the intention of discovering proof of illegal acts or determining a person's location, while potentially intruding upon someone's expectation of privacy
  2. A procedure, in either criminal or civil law contexts, where a person's premises, vehicle, or person is examined to find evidence of criminal activity or to trace records of real property ownership
  3. The action of boarding and checking a ship on international waters, often during wartime, which is allowed under international law
  4. The act of studying information available in public records or registers
  5. The act of performing a detailed investigation or examination
How to use "search" in a sentence
  1. The police could not find any illegal substances, even after conducting a thorough search of the premises.
  2. The detective was able to solve the case after a meticulous search of public records.
  3. Amidst heightened tensions, a naval vessel conducted a search of a suspicious ship in international waters.
  4. The officers conducted a search of the suspect's vehicle for any criminal evidence.
  5. The lawyer performed a search to trace the records of property ownership.
  6. The detective needed probable cause for the search of the premises.

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