Definitions of "sequestration"
  1. The process of isolating something or keeping it in a separated state
  2. An official document that gives the authority to an officer, such as a sheriff, to seize a defendant's property. This is typically to enforce a court order, establish a form of jurisdiction, or to protect the property until a court decision is made
  3. A type of deposit where a neutral third party agrees to keep disputed property and return it to the rightful owner after resolution
  4. The act of withdrawing funds destined for spending or commitment in order to comply with federally imposed budget constraints
How to use "sequestration" in a sentence
  1. The council ordered the sequestration of potentially hazardous waste in secure facilities.
  2. The sheriff carried out the sequestration of a defendant's property to protect it until the end of the trial.
  3. The litigation led to the sequestration of the disputed property by a neutral third-party until the court could reach a verdict.

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