Definitions of "service"
  1. The act of officially sending legal documents to an individual, organization, or authority as mandated by the law
  2. Labor or work performed that doesn't result in a physical product
  3. The action of keeping physical property in good condition or bringing it back to working order
  4. Act of fulfilling needs through non-tangible tasks
  5. Process of keeping up with the necessary payments on a debt, according to a predetermined schedule
  6. The act of maintaining a payment plan for a loan, especially after it's been sold to a secondary mortgage market
How to use "service" in a sentence
  1. The lawyer completed the service of the legal documents to the defendant.
  2. Within the hospitality industry, the service provided by the hotel staff enhanced the guest's experience.
  3. Maintaining regular service of your vehicle can prolong its lifespan.
  4. The company continued to service their debt despite economic uncertainties.
  5. The bank continued to service the mortgage after it was sold to a secondary market.

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