Definitions of "settle"
  1. To definitively resolve or put an end to an issue or dispute
  2. To firmly establish or secure something for an indefinite period
  3. To clarify and resolve a disagreement related to a court order
  4. To agree upon a price, through mutual consent
  5. To end a legal dispute by coming to an agreement, often without needing to go to court
  6. To finalize an account through the completion of payments
  7. To bring a lawsuit to a close via a decided agreement
  8. Conducting a transaction involving the transfer of funds
  9. To reconcile differences or balances in accounts or disagreements
How to use "settle" in a sentence
  1. The two parties agreed to settle the dispute before it could reach the court.
  2. Megan decided to settle her debt by clearing the account with a final payment.
  3. After days of negotiation, they were able to settle the price of the property.

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