Definitions of "sever"
  1. The process of terminating a joint tenancy, which may involve ending one or all of the shared aspects of time, title, possession, or interest, possibly by transferring one tenant's rights to another party
  2. The procedure of dividing a contract into distinct parts or separate obligations with the intention of individually addressing each part
  3. The act of separately trying criminal offenses or defendants with the goal of preventing bias or prejudice that may occur if tried together
  4. The division of a criminal trial into multiple separate trials to prevent potential bias or partiality
  5. The process of conducting separate trials for civil claims or issues, which are pleaded in the same case, in the interest of fairness and impartiality
How to use "sever" in a sentence
  1. The judge decided to sever the case into separate trials to ensure a fair assessment of each defendant's actions.
  2. To prevent conflicts of interest, the company decided to sever its contract with the supplier into individual obligations.
  3. The court agreed to sever the criminal offenses into different trials to prevent prejudice.

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