Sheriff's sale

Definitions of "Sheriff's sale"
  1. This is a process where property is sold by a sheriff or his deputy, usually due to a court order
  2. A court-ordered confiscation and sale of a property conducted by the sheriff to settle a legal judgment against the owner
How to use "Sheriff's sale" in a sentence
  1. In order to cover the overdue mortgage payments, the house was put up for a sheriff's sale.
  2. Despite trying to negotiate with creditors, they could not prevent the sheriff's sale of their car.
  3. We bought our warehouse from a sheriff's sale, since the previous owner couldn't pay their debts.
  4. Following the legal judgment, the sheriff's sale was scheduled to pay off the owner's debt.
  5. If you don't meet your debt obligations, your property may be subject to a sheriff's sale.
  6. He bought a house at a sheriff's sale, which greatly reduced the price.

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