Definitions of "split"
  1. The act or process of division into individual units or elements
  2. The act of creating differing factions or groups within a larger body or organization
  3. The practice of voting for candidates from different political parties on the same ballot
  4. The action of increasing the amount of company stocks owned by current shareholders while keeping the total value constant
  5. The process of separating a lawsuit into distinct issues or claims, to allow for partial litigation or resolution
  6. The occurrence of being divided or becoming separate from a larger whole
  7. Being divided into individual portions, parts, or pieces
  8. Being separated by conflicting opinions or views
How to use "split" in a sentence
  1. The company decided to split its stocks to attract more investors.
  2. The voters were encouraged to split their votes between multiple parties to make the election more competitive.
  3. Due to irreconcilable differences, the committee decided to split into two separate factions.

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