Definitions of "spread"
  1. The gap between two pricing figures for similar goods
  2. The gap between the maximum and minimum prices of a product or financial instrument within a certain time frame
  3. The disparity between the purchase and sale prices of a stock
  4. A simultaneous option strategy where a put and a call are purchased with different strike prices, and profit is only gained if the price drops below or rises above these set prices by a large enough margin to cover the cost of the options
  5. A trading strategy where a trader offsets a position with simultaneous long and short options in distinct commodities or different delivery dates within the same commodity
  6. A practice of concurrent buying and selling in two markets to exploit any significant price differences between those markets
  7. The disparity in yield between equal-quality fixed-income investments with either differing maturity dates or identical maturity dates but unequal quality
How to use "spread" in a sentence
  1. The spread on the T-bonds between the two options was considerable, suggesting that the market was volatile.
  2. With the price of wheat rising in the futures market above the spot market, traders could take advantage by initiating a spread.
  3. The sudden crisis resulted in a substantial spread between high and low-risk investments.

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