Definitions of "state"
  1. It refers to a group of people, typically within defined boundaries, who are organized in a political manner
  2. It may also refer to an institution that holds supreme civil power, guiding political decisions and serving as the foundation of government
  3. It can also be a society, organized politically, that is identified by certain qualities
  4. It can refer to the activities or issues managed by a country's government, or the sector of administration and the highest political power in a nation, especially in the context of international relations
  5. In another context, it refers to one of the components that make up a nation having a federal government
  6. It can also denote the territorial region under the administration of a state
How to use "state" in a sentence
  1. The state typically enforces laws and regulations within its boundaries.
  2. Different state constitutions may offer varied interpretations of similar laws.
  3. International relations often necessitate the involvement of the state in negotiations and treaties.

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