Definitions of "strike"
  1. The act of erasing or deleting something
  2. The act of workers discontinuing their work to make an employer adhere to their demands
  3. The act of erasing or deleting something out of a legal document, especially in the context of a trial
  4. The act or process of disqualifying a prospective juror from a panel of potential jurors
  5. The act of participating in a work stoppage against an employer
  6. A collective discontinuation or slowdown of work by a group of workers to pressure an employer to meet their demands
How to use "strike" in a sentence
  1. The mobile game developers decided to strike several features from the latest update due to negative user feedback.
  2. The factory workers threatened to strike if their request for increased wages was not met.
  3. The judge granted the defense's motion to strike a paragraph from the prosecution's complaint.

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